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SUITE SPOTLIGHT: Fantastic views in downtown Toronto

Welcome to our furnished suites in Waterclub II

Today Living Group Waterclub II

Executive suites with style and space to spare

Welcome to our 1 bedroom and 1 bedroom + den furnished executive suites in Waterclub II, one of downtown Toronto’s most desirable condominium buildings. All suites have floor-to-ceiling windows, granite countertops and hardwood floors. The underground PATH system and public transit is within walking distance for convenient access to downtown Toronto.


Our beautifully furnished suites have fully equipped kitchens that include everything you would need to cook for one, or to cook for a few! From pots and pans, bake ware, utensils, dishes, cutlery, wine glasses, small kitchen appliances and more. The entertainment centre includes a flat screen TV, Blu-Ray player and iPod docking station, and is serviced with complimentary cable, local calling and Wi-Fi internet access. All suites have full size washer and dryers and residents of TLG receive complimentary bi-weekly housekeeping which includes hypoallergenic linens and towels. All suites at Waterclub II also feature private balconies.


Waterclub II features a wide array of amenities: 24 hour concierge, billiards room, fitness centre, landscaped terrace, steam room, health spa area, juice bar and lounge, party room, indoor/outdoor swimming pool with his/hers saunas, formal entertainment room with full kitchen and private terrace. Parking is available for an additional fee. Your pet is also welcome (though pet restrictions and fees may apply).

6 Business Trip Sleep Tips

How to get a better sleep on business trips

Traveling is glamorous. Being exhausted isn’t.

Traveling for business starts out feeling kind of glamorous – until you have to fly across 3 time zones in 2 days and can’t remember whether it’s 7am or 7pm. When you fly between time zones, your internal clock gets out of sync with your day-night cycle, and sleep patterns get disturbed. Which means that just when you need to be most productive, you’re not at your best. Studies show that even one night’s lost sleep can have an impact on productivity, and there’s even a demonstrated link between sleep deprivation and the kind of rudeness that can impact your career.

So how can you ensure you’re less tired on your next trip?

Try these tips:

1. Plan ahead. Anything you can do to avoid last-minute travel stress (packing ahead of time, finishing presentations before you leave, printing your boarding pass online before you get to the airport, getting some exercise) will ensure your body isn’t using extra resources managing stress hormones – and that will help you conserve energy and ultimately sleep better when you get the opportunity.

2. Drink water – not alcohol and coffee. Dehydration can make you feel more tired and out of sorts. Drinking water will help you combat the drying effects of recycled airplane air, while alcohol and caffeine, which are diuretics, will make it worse.

3. Clear your head. If you’re prone to sinus trouble or allergies, flying and staying in unfamiliar climates can make it worse, which can lead to poor sleep. Speak to your doctor about the best ways to keep your sinuses clear when you’re travelling. (Many pharmacists recommend you use a saline irrigation system to help keep sinuses clear and prevent dryness.)

4. Light therapy. The more daylight you can get during the day while you’re working (either in the office or in your hotel room, or by taking a walk at lunch), the better your circadian rhythms will respond, which will help cue your body to sleep soundly when it gets dark.

5. Ask about ‘quiet rooms’. There’s nothing worse than having only 6 hours in which to sleep and losing 3 of those because the people down the hall are partying like it’s 1999. Some hotels offer designated quiet areas or floors – ask for these when booking. You might also consider alternate accommodations, like executive suites, which are less likely to have rowdy neighbours.

6. Eat right and exercise. It can be tempting to go out for drinks and a big fancy dinner with colleagues after you’ve finished your meetings, but you’ll feel better – and sleep better – if you eat healthily before 8pm and take a walk around the block before settling down for the night.

Think beyond the hotel room

Our clients say that one of the reasons they choose furnished suites rather than regular hotel rooms when they’re traveling is because they can establish more of a sense of ‘home’. Corporate housing allows them to cook their own meals (no weird restaurant food to keep them up at night), provides a proper bedroom, is often quieter than a bustling hotel, and often has even better amenities (like fitness centers or media rooms) than hotels. Just something to consider!


Family all coming to town? Executive suites may be the answer.

furnished accommodations are good for families

My aunt and uncle live just outside of New York City, but two of their children still live here in Toronto.

A couple of summers ago, their daughter got married, and my aunt wanted to be in town more often to go to dress fittings and food tastings and bridal showers. At the same time, their son had a new baby, so they wanted to be available to see the new arrival and help the new parents for the first few weeks. The distance between New York and Toronto doesn’t seem all that huge – until parents want to be able to be with their children, and grandchildren, for traditionally significant moments.

Neither of their children had a spare bedroom, so my uncle and aunt spent a fortune on hotels and on travelling back and forth between Toronto and NYC. At that time of year, even two-star hotels in downtown Toronto are easily $250/night, and of course all the airlines had bumped up their prices for the holiday season. By the time their daughter was married and the baby was a month old, they’d spent almost $10,000 on hotels and airfare.

This is where furnished corporate housing can be a lifesaver. A one-bedroom, furnished executive condo – right in the heart of the city, convenient to everything, including the island airport – could have cost them less than $3500 for a whole month. They could have saved more than $6000, between the hotel, room service, and all the extra money they spent on flights back and forth – and ended up with much more time to spend with their kids and new grandchild.

The good news? They’re expecting a second grandchild later this year, and have already booked a month at one of the TLG suites downtown!

SUITE SPOTLIGHT: Entertainment District Lofts

1, 1+den and 2-bedroom suites in the heart of the Entertainment District

Executive suites in entertainment district

Details of these suites:

  • Located steps from all the action of the entertainment and financial districts in downtown Toronto
  • Choose from several suites, all located at the corner of Blue Jays Way and Wellington Street
  • All suites are fully furnished and nicely equipped
  • Hardwood floors
  • Some units are 2-storey – perfect for couples or even young families who are relocating or waiting for a new home
  • Indoor pool, whirlpool and fitness center
  • From $125/night (minimum 30-night stay required)


These suites are a great way to take advantage of the best of Toronto, all within a few minutes’ walk.

For more details about this suite, click here.

To arrange to view this suite, contact Mary Casey at or call us at 416.213.8881 x228

Executive suites and corporate housing: How to choose the right place even before you arrive

Today Living Group relocation tips

It’s a great opportunity – but you have to stay in another city for 3 months

You’ve just been seconded to head office to help spearhead a big project. It’s going to transform your career, but there’s one hitch: You have to move across country for 3 months so you can be on-site with the rest of the team. Getting an apartment isn’t an option (and why would you move all your stuff for just 3 months?) and staying in a cramped hotel room for the next 12 weeks seems like a recipe for cabin fever.

Corporate housing – also known as ‘executive suites’ or ‘furnished accommodation’ – is probably your best bet. But how do you choose the right one, especially if you have to do it online and won’t be able to check out any suites in person before you arrive in town?


6 tips for finding the perfect short-term home:

  1. Ask around. Referrals are one of the best ways to find a great place to stay, because people who’ve been through the process can give you more detailed, relevant information (“I know you love eating out – this place is within walking distance to all kinds of great restaurants…”) – and will be honest if a particular place didn’t deliver a good experience.
  2. Talk to your HR or accounting department. Chances are, they’ve arranged short-term accommodations for other employees in the past, and they can steer you in the right direction.
  3. What features are most important to you? Do you like to be able to walk to work, shopping and entertainment, or do you need parking? Are you passionate about working out and would appreciate a fitness center in the building? Do you need a large area to set up a home office? The more you know about what you’re looking for, the easier it’ll be to make a shortlist of possibilities.
  4. Spend some quality time with Google (and Google Maps). Give yourself some time to Google ‘furnished apartments’ or ‘corporate housing’ in the neighbourhood you’d most like to live. The more you know about what’s on the market, the better equipped you’ll be to make a decision you can live with for 2 months.
  5. Make sure you see all the photos – and a floor plan. Photographs – especially small ones online – can be deceiving. What looks like a huge, light-filled living room in one photo angle can turn out to be a poky, privacy-free closet when seen in person. (Plus, the more photos a company provides, the more likely it is they haven’t got anything to hide about their properties.)
  6. Talk to a real person. It can be tempting, when you’re busy and just want to get things done, to book a suite online without talking to anyone. That’s fine for a night or two in hotel – where it doesn’t matter that much if the room turns out to be terrible – but it’s more dangerous when choosing a place to stay for an extended period. Even a 10-minute phone call will give you a good idea of what you can expect in terms of reliability and service when you’re actually in your new, temporary, home.

BONUS TIP: When you do make your arrangements, don’t forget to get all the details in writing.

Getting to know a whole new city in a sort of risk-free way – after all, you’ve got a job and the company is probably picking up some or all of the cost of wherever you stay – can be a great adventure. It’s even better when you have a nice place to come home to at the end of the day.


Welcome home from Today Living Group

As if moving to a new city and a new neighbourhood isn’t daunting enough, being left to your own devices in search of food, snacks and most importantly, coffee, can be terrifying! We know that roaming the streets in your new neighbourhood in search of a warm cup of coffee and a quick bite to eat is the last thing you want to do the first night in your new home. Today Living Group is dedicated to making your stay in Toronto, no matter how long, comfortable.

Our dedication to you begins before you’ve even arrived. A thorough cleaning is done in every unit, both after it has been vacated, and before someone new moves in. This guarantees that every one of our units smells fresh, is free of dust, dander and allergens and sparkles and shines like new. Someone will check to ensure all the lights are turned on, that the cable and internet are working and that you have all the amenities you could possible need. Cookware, plates, cutlery, and glassware are shined up and sparkling. The towels are soft and the pillows will be fluffed. We’ll even provide a new shower curtain liner. All things you thought we couldn’t possibly think of, Today Living Group has.

To curb the appetite that you will undoubtedly work up unpacking and exploring your new apartment, Today Living Group leaves a Welcome Bag behind for every one of our new guests. Inside this delightful bag, guests will find many treats and snacks that are sure to help curb your hunger pangs until you are able to take to the streets and explore your new neighbourhood. Each bag comes with a Nestle bottled water, a Nature Valley Granola bar, a bag of microwave popcorn, a Toblerone Bar, the quintessential Starbucks Via instant coffee and much more. A mini coupon book with Toronto attraction and shopping discounts and a TTC Subway map are also provided for when you finally work up the nerve to wander about your new city.

Today Living Group has many corporate housing options for business or vacation travellers. Whether your just here for a quick visit or you’re here for the long haul, Today Living Group is dedicated to providing that “No Place Like Home” feeling for all of our guests, every time.