Furnished Condo accommodation: Why certification and accreditation matter

Higher standards

Higher standards mean more peace of mind

We’ve all seen the trend: In the ‘sharing economy’, they say, there’s no need for hotels. It’s so much more interesting, and comfortable, and ‘authentic’, to stay in someone else’s furnished apartment or condo or house.

That may be a good choice if you’re traveling for pleasure and are only visiting a place for a day or two. In that case, if you discover that your accommodations aren’t as described, or aren’t available, or are somehow totally unsuitable, you can either just sort of muddle through for a night or two, or decamp for a hotel.

But if you’re landing in town on a Sunday night, about to start a month-long temporary relocation assignment for work, or have to suddenly find a temporary home for the whole family because your home has been flooded, or need a home base while a family member is in the hospital, it’s a different story. You need a home-away-from-home that’s fully equipped, meets expectations, is safe and comfortable – and allows you to live your life without having to worry about where you’re going to sleep or whether the wifi will be working or the owner will suddenly show up and tell you that s/he needs the place back after all.

That’s where corporate housing (also known as ‘executive suites’ or ‘extended stay suites’ or ‘serviced apartments’) comes in.

Not all furnished suites are created equal

In the corporate housing industry, the two most highly-regarded accreditation programs are The ASAP and CHPA. Both are not-for-profit industry associations which help to set standards, connect members, and provide resources to ensure that every stay in a furnished suite delivers the comfort, value and safety that everyone wants. Corporate housing providers aren’t required to join these associations, but the ones who do are staking their reputation on the quality that they deliver across all their suites.

Today Living Group is accredited by both The ASAP and the CHPA. Here’s what that means:


This is a global organization whose aim is “to ensure the consumer has confidence in booking serviced apartment accommodation anywhere in the world.”

The ASAP sent a representative from the UK to inspect TLG properties, to ensure we provide high-quality services to our clients. We were also required to provide them with examples of all our paperwork, including lease agreements, invoices, welcome letters, etc. – essentially they wanted to have the same experience as one of our ‘normal’ visitors might have.

Just some of the things they inspected:

  • Housekeeping services (especially quality and reliability)
  • Bed quality
  • Furnishings and interior design
  • Electronics (quality and functionality)
  • Check-in process
  • Building amenities
  • Website experience
  • Security

CHPA (Corporate Housing Providers Association)

The CHPA is both a professional body, offering corporate housing certification to individuals as well as corporate housing providers. Originally focused on North America, they now have member organizations around the world.

To become an accredited provider, companies must:

  • Have CHPA members in good standing (TLG has several CHPA members on staff)
  • Adhere to a strict code of ethics
  • Participate in ongoing professional development in the industry
  • Meet credit requirements to ensure financial stability
  • Demonstrate documentation of key business documents (in other words, behave like a properly-run professional organization)
  • Have sufficient insurance
  • Provide reference letters from other CHPA members
  • Meet standards for accommodation

What certification and accreditation means for clients and guests

Accreditation by The ASAP ensures that all of our suites meet standards for comfort, safety, repair and responsiveness, while accreditation by the CHPA ensures that you’re staying in a suite which is being managed to high professional standards. The combination means that even if you don’t get into town until midnight the night before you have to start working at your new office, you can be confident that your new temporary home will have everything you need, from a comfortable, clean bed to functioning wifi. You can relax.