Corporate housing: A home base in difficult times

Because sometimes your home isn’t available.

Corporate housing by TLG in Toronto

No matter where you live in Canada – or, in fact, in North America – you’ve probably noticed that the last few years have seen an increase in extreme weather events. Whether it’s flooding, fire, wind damage or environmental challenges, the result is often the same: Homes are uninhabitable for an extended period.

And while we often think of ‘homeowners’ having to deal with the consequences of home damage, the truth is that just about everyone can be affected, whether you’re living in a single-family detached home, or in a downtown condo, or are renting an apartment.

The good news is that in lots of cases, homes can be repaired and made livable again. The bad news, however, is that the time required to fix a flood- or fire-damaged home can take weeks or months. So where do you live in the meantime? Hotels are expensive, apartment rentals often require year-long leases – and you don’t have a lot of furniture with which to furnish an apartment, anyway.

That’s where furnished accommodation comes in.

Known by all kinds of different names – executive suites, corporate housing, furnished suites, serviced apartments, short-term accommodation are just a few – furnished suites are what many people turn to when their home is rendered unlivable for a few weeks or months.

Furnished suites (like ours) are more like a ‘home’ than a hotel room: They have kitchens equipped with dishes, cutlery and cookware; fully furnished rooms; proper bedrooms to accommodate families when needed; and many have ensuite laundry. At the same time, they don’t require a commitment to a year-long lease and that you buy your own new furniture.

We work with a lot of insurance companies across the country. If your home has been damaged and you need to find alternative accommodations for an extended period, talk to your insurance company. Chances are, your insurance policy provides for alternate accommodations during the repair or restoration process – and corporate housing will allow your life to get back to normal more than a hotel room ever could.