Corporate housing: Definitely not a hotel

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People who travel a lot for work will tell you that no matter how great the bathroom is, or how comfortable the bed, staying in hotels all the time can leave you feeling drained and stressed out. A nice bathroom just can’t compensate for the feeling of being stuck in a small box of a room night after night, eating expensive (and not all that healthy) room service or takeout food.

Furnished corporate housing can help:

  • Typical suites offer much more space than standard hotel rooms, making travellers feel more like they’re staying in an apartment rather than an anonymous hotel room
  • Having a proper living area separate from the bedroom allows guests to relax in the evenings the way they might at home, giving them an opportunity to de-stress before going back to work the next day
  • Fully-equipped kitchens mean guests can prepare their own food. More importantly, it helps them stick to whatever schedule they might have at home (i.e. having a kale smoothie for breakfast or warm milk before bed), which can also contribute to less stress
  • Suites allow for spouses or even, in some cases, pets to accompany guests, which reduces the isolation and stress that many business travellers can feel when they’re on the road alone for long periods of time
  • Suites encourage travellers to ‘settle in’ more than in a hotel
  • Suites offer many of the same amenities of good hotels, like weekly or biweekly housekeeping, linen service and thoughtful design

It’s hard for business travellers to be their most productive if they’re feeling tired, stressed or missing the people and comforts of home. Furnished corporate housing is a great way to set your employees up for success by making them as comfortable as possible.