A little research goes a long way As Toronto continues to rank in every Top 10 list for livable and desirable cities and detached single-family homes become less affordable for average families, more people’s thoughts turn to condominium ownership. Many people think of condos as an investment: Whether they use it for an investment property

If you work in HR, you know that one of the biggest challenges in your job is convincing the rest of the organization that you can make a real contribution to the bottom line. Too often, HR is seen as a ‘cost center’ rather than a ‘revenue center’ – and that can mean the HR

A home, when yours isn’t available     It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: A flood, a fire, storm damage or even a renovation gone wrong. Suddenly the roof over your head isn’t there any more, and won’t be for a while. Your first call is to your insurance company, and your second may be to

Because even real estate professionals may not know about furnished rentals Recently our very own Michelle White, founder and president of Today Living Group, was a guest on the popular REC Experience podcast hosted by Jas Takhar. It’s a great show, especially for real estate professionals and investors who are wondering how to get the

Gorgeous views, terrific amenities, and the comforts of home If you’re visiting Toronto for a month or more, our 1 bedroom + den furnished corporate housing suites are the best way to get all the benefits of the city. Located within steps of both the business district and some of the best entertainment and waterfront