Family all coming to town? Executive suites may be the answer.

furnished accommodations are good for families

My aunt and uncle live just outside of New York City, but two of their children still live here in Toronto.

A couple of summers ago, their daughter got married, and my aunt wanted to be in town more often to go to dress fittings and food tastings and bridal showers. At the same time, their son had a new baby, so they wanted to be available to see the new arrival and help the new parents for the first few weeks. The distance between New York and Toronto doesn’t seem all that huge – until parents want to be able to be with their children, and grandchildren, for traditionally significant moments.

Neither of their children had a spare bedroom, so my uncle and aunt spent a fortune on hotels and on travelling back and forth between Toronto and NYC. At that time of year, even two-star hotels in downtown Toronto are easily $250/night, and of course all the airlines had bumped up their prices for the holiday season. By the time their daughter was married and the baby was a month old, they’d spent almost $10,000 on hotels and airfare.

This is where furnished corporate housing can be a lifesaver. A one-bedroom, furnished executive condo – right in the heart of the city, convenient to everything, including the island airport – could have cost them less than $3500 for a whole month. They could have saved more than $6000, between the hotel, room service, and all the extra money they spent on flights back and forth – and ended up with much more time to spend with their kids and new grandchild.

The good news? They’re expecting a second grandchild later this year, and have already booked a month at one of the TLG suites downtown!