Why corporate housing suite management is a good choice

Why corporate housing is a good choice

It can make good economic sense to buy a downtown condo or two as an investment: Toronto real estate prices continue to rise, so you’re building equity – and in the meantime it shouldn’t be too hard to rent the property to a nice professional couple who won’t trash the place and won’t default on the rent, right?

The truth is that managing tenants can be a whole lot more work – and cost a whole lot more money – than most property owners realize. Even the best tenants occasionally leave holes in the walls or flood the bathroom; nice professional couples tend to move on in a year or two, meaning you have to go through the process of finding new tenants all over again; and while today’s monthly rental prices may seem high, they probably won’t cover the mortgage and condo fees on a new downtown condo.

That’s where suite management can make a real difference, especially when your condo becomes part of a corporate housing pool. Here’s how:

  • Revenue. Rentals are priced on a hotel model, so the monthly rate is higher than you might expect for a regular monthly tenancy. While everyday occupancy isn’t guaranteed, on an annualized basis you can expect to earn more revenue than you would if you had permanent tenants on a year-long lease.
  • Cleanliness. Because all our suites are cleaned regularly (before and after each tenant, plus weekly or biweekly housekeeping while a suite is occupied), the property is maintained in first-class condition at all times and any issues are promptly identified and addressed.
  • Repairs. The provisions of Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Act say that landlords can’t enter a property without the tenant’s permission, so it’s possible for tenants to do a lot of damage before a landlord is ever aware of the problem. Because our suites are inspected before and after each (short-term) guest, repairs are done quickly – before they have time to turn into something serious.
  • Risk management and administration. Suite management companies like TLG manage the property, handle bookings and payments, and provide you with monthly and annual reports.

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